The End of Time Mandate for Fatherhood

Olen Griffing discusses the history and importance of Father's Day and fatherhood. Father's were charged wih passing on the laws and rememberances to their children through the generations. Somewhere along the line, this tradition has been breached. This has led to a spiritual and moral decline across the globe. Olen reveals through Biblical prophecy that this breach will be mended during the end times. The time for this mend is now. Olen dicusses how father's can begin the process of reinserting themselves and teaching their children God's love through his own life experiences. Olen finally dicusses the four types of love and explains just how important fatherhood is to a healthy expression of each one. 


Bible Verses: Malachi 4:4-6; Psalms 78:1-8; Matthew 24:3-14, 29-31