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Dr. Sue Curran discusses the need for continuous movement and revelation in our walk with the Lord. For us to have sustained movement with the Lord, the Holy Spirit must continuously work within us to overcome the works of the devil and weariness of the flesh. This work calls for us to have a greater faith. To get to this point, we have to be continuously transformed or we become stagnant without any growth. God is pushing us to experience a new level of faith now because faith is the substance from which miracles are made. Therefore, though our healing is finished, our faith is not and our healing cannot manifest. Sue discusses what we need to do to get to the faith we need now.

Bible Verses: Exodus 40:36-38, Proverbs 4:18, Jeremiah 48:11, Romans 10:16-17, Mark 11:23, Hebrews 11:1, 1 Corinthians 2:12-14, John 11, Revelation 13:8, Isaiah 46:10, Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2:23, Acts 19:9, Colossians 3:1-2


Speak to Your Mountain

Dr Sue Curran reviews barriers to healing. She reveals through the biblical examples of the disciples Paul, Peter, and John that healings are given through complete faith and declaration. She also reveals through Naaman that you have to set aside your ego to be healed. Sue finally discusses three things that we must do to be able to heal: speak to the mountain, repent and make things right in your love walk, and walk in forgiveness.

Bible Verses: John 10:10, Mark 11:23, Acts 3:5-6, Acts 9:39-40, 2 Kings 5:9-12, John 14:12-15, Mark 11:25-26


Healing Wounds and Breaking Soul Ties

Dr. Sue Curran reviews types of rejection and traumatic events in life that can to lead to deep psychological wounds. These wounds can have a profound impact on the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of a person and will ultimately lead to unhealthy life practices if left unchecked. Sue discusses how to release these wounds to God for healing and the renewing of the mind. Sue also explains the importance and types of soul ties,how they can hinder your life, and how to release yourself from them.

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